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quand on ouvre les cahiers

A fiction-documentary by Valère Trocquenet about the stunning drawings of Serge Trocquenet, produced in 2016.

The movie has been nominated at MIFAC the same year.

Serge Trocquenet lives alone, isolated. He draws, for years, in notebooks that he keeps hidden. One day, his son comes to offer him a documentary about his work. He refuses. Strange phenomena begin to manifest around him ...

We wanted to create a total immersion in the fantasy universe of this self-taught artist, who draws for years in notebooks that he keeps hidden. The artist became the main character of the film : a lonely man haunted by the creatures he draws and which ends up attacking him. We worked with a 3D animator, Marc Héricher (director of the film Corpus, selected in many festivals and produced by Rêvons c'est l'heure.)

The movie mixes 3D animation and real shots, and plays with fantastic codes.



Serge Trocquenet : Serge Trocquenet

Psychologist : Florent Trocquenet-Lopez


Directed and edited by Valère Trocquenet

Production : Rêvons c'est l'heure Productions
Scenario : Florence Fert / Valère Trocquenet

Script : Florence Fert

Director of Photography : Pukyo Ruiz de Somocurcio

3D Animation : Marc Héricher

Sound : Florent Bonnet / Rocco Vallognes

Sound Design : Florent Bonnet / Rocco Vallognes
Music : Rocco Vallognes

Catering : Josiane Lopez / Liliane Fert

Thanks : Gilles Martin, Jean-Claude Fert, Manuel Toulon

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