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Ils te tueront

A movie by Valère Trocquenet

Ils te tueront - Bande-annonce

Ils te tueront - Bande-annonce

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Thomas, an introverted and secret boy, in conflict with others and his family, took a passion for photography. One evening, while he walks on the banks of the Loire, camera around his neck, he sees, on a sandbar, the inert body of a girl. When Thomas rushes to her, she regains consciousness. With her face swollen and her eyes panicked, she orders him to flee because her attackers are still there and they will not hesitate to attack him. Thomas runs away. This night, he has a terrible nightmare: two gloved hands hold his face under the water to drown. When the girl reappears the next day in his apartment, Thomas understands that a devilish mechanism has just been put in place and that he will certainly not come out unscathed ...



Thomas : Alexandre Branco

Emma : Lou Levy

Marc Valloire : Florent Trocquenet-Lopez

Cécile Valloire : Perrine Gilbert

Alice Valloire : Jeanne Chaumartin-Fert


Directed and  edited by Valère Trocquenet

Production Director : Manuel Toulon

Production : Rêvons c'est l'heure Productions

Scenario : Florence Fert / Valère Trocquenet

1st Assistant / Script : Florence Fert

Director of Photography : Pukyo Ruiz de Somocurcio

1st Assistant Camera : Marine Guizy

Calibrator : Rémi Mazet

Sound : Florent Bonnet / Rocco Vallognes

Sound Design : Florent Bonnet

Music : Rocco Vallognes

Decoration : Maud Béchet

Costume and Accessories : Sandra Belmondo

Make-up artist : Djenete Bouadjadj

Electrician : Annabelle Depont

Electrician Trainee and Making-off : Raymond Engramer

Catering : Sébastien Jacques / Laure Roche

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